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Friday, September 19, 2008

Better Not Link to Google News Hosted Articles

Ever Since 2007, Google hosts stories by some news agencies like Associated Press as part of Google News. While many other news sites (e.g. CNN) carry stories by news agencies too, linking to Google News hosted stories seemed like a good idea if you like to point readers to an uncluttered version of the report. However, as Digital Inspiration points out and as Google explains in their help, these Google News articles disappear after 30 days – compare this article which is currently live (also see screenshot) with this one which is gone by now*. Digital Inspiration suggests to link to CNN, NYT and other websites instead to create more permanent links for your visitors.

[Via Friendfeed.]

*If you want to get an idea of the phenomenon known as link rot, try to check the older archive of a blog that has been running for many years, like Boing Boing or this one.


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