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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

An Election FAQ by Google’s Peter Norvig

Google’s director of research, Peter Norvig, put up an FAQ – a list of frequently asked questions – for the 2008 US Presidential election. The list deals with lots of facts and figures and comparisons, as opposed to mainly personal opinions, though of course even stats aren’t always neutral (as you can pick from different stats to begin with; also, Peter does state he supports Obama).

It’s tough to judge the quality of this article in detail but by its intent, this is the kind of background research one would expect mainstream media to point to in reference links from their coverage articles and homepage... more often than not though, mainstream media in their politics section will rather focus on entertaining distraction like details of campaign events, minor personality issues, or the latest speech faux pas (a faux pas which may be revealing every now and then but oftentimes, won’t ever affect the lives of those voting).

[Via Reddit. Edit: Added photo, courtesy of Peter Norvig.]


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