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Friday, October 17, 2008

Google UK Allows Gambling Ads Now

The Guardian reported that starting today, gambling ads will be introduced for Google UK (excluding Northern Ireland). “Web users in Great Britain will be the first in the world to see gambling ads on Google since 2004, when the US search engine giant introduced a global ban,” the Guardian writes, and later adds that Google’s “relaxation of gambling advertising follows new UK rules introduced last September under the Gambling Act 2005 allowing betting ads to run on TV around sports events and after the 9pm watershed.” Gambling ads are classified as non-family friendly though, Google says, so they won’t show when SafeSearch is enabled.

The Google AdWords content policy’s gambling section now reads:

Don’t promote online gambling or related sites when targeting ads outside Great Britain.

Advertising for the promotion of online gambling websites is not permitted to target locations outside Great Britain (England, Scotland, and Wales). Ads for online gambling will not be displayed in other countries.

Online gambling includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • sports books and sports betting
  • lotteries
  • bingo
  • poker
  • sites that provide tips, odds, and handicapping
  • software facilitating online casinos and gambling
  • gambling tutoring online
  • gambling-related eBooks
  • ’play for fun’ gambling or casino games of skill including sites where the primary purpose is ’play for fun’ gambling
  • affiliate sites with the primary purpose of driving traffic to online gambling sites

Advertising online gambling in Great Britain (England, Scotland, and Wales)

Google AdWords allows online gambling advertisements to target Great Britain (England, Scotland, or Wales) as long as the advertiser is registered with the Gambling Commission and provides a valid operating license number. Advertisers based outside the UK and within the European Economic Area who wish to target online gambling ads to England, Scotland, or Wales must be licensed to advertise online gambling in their respective country.

If you meet the above requirements and want to get started, review our Great Britain gambling application process below. [snipped]

Poker & casino sites are one of the most spammed-for areas out there. I’m curious how the AdWords displayed in the UK will fare; I didn’t spot one yet (perhaps Google is checking the user IP), if you see some, please post a comment and screenshot.

[Thanks Manoj Nahar!]


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