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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Google Analyzes Brain Waves and More to Measure Ad Effects

Today, Garett Rogers of Googling Google reports:

Google, along with MediaVest are releasing information about ad quality determined by reading brain waves and psychological responses to ads on video content. (...)

The goal was to measure the impact of YouTube overlay advertisements on attention levels, emotional engagement, and other psychological metrics.

Google, with the help of NeuroFocus, used a sample group of participants, and measured things likes skin responses, eye movement and an EEG brain scan.

Google’s Leah Spalding responds to why Google doesn’t just measure click-through rates for ads. “Click through was important.. but since we’re looking at brand impact, it’s not enough to just look at the click through rate (CTR). CTR will not give us any indication as far as how memorable an ad is, or metrics on brand impact, etc.”

The image above is from slides of the web seminar Garett uploaded.

[Thanks Garett!]


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