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Monday, October 27, 2008

Windows Azure for the Cloud?

The New York Times writes that Microsoft introduced its “operating system for the cloud, Windows Azure, at the company’s Professional Developers Conference in Los Angeles on Monday morning.” This project, previously named Red Dog, is supposed to be “a scalable hosting environment for deploying applications in Microsoft’s cloud.” ZDnet has the following (my emphasis):

Windows Azure is part of a set of new and existing technologies behind the Azure Services Platform, a development and execution platform that runs end-user and corporate software on Microsoft’s own servers, accessible over the web. It joins Google’s App Engine and Amazon’s EC2 in an increasingly competitive market. (...)

[Microsoft’s Ray Ozzie] said that the Azure Services Platform won’t run on a company’s own servers: “Rather, it’s a service running on a vast number of machines housed in Microsoft’s own datacentres.” Microsoft will also use it as a delivery service, David Thompson, vice president of Microsoft Online, said during the keynote presentation. “All our enterprise software will be delivered as an online service, as an option,” Thompson said.

More is available at Microsoft’s Azure Services Platform website.

[Thanks Moustafa ZA!]


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