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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Google’s "Accessible View" Experiment

Google has added an opt-in experiment to their Experimental Search page. Called “Accessible View”, when you join this one you will see a blue focus box around individual search result items in Google web search. You can then use the up and down arrows on the keyboard to select different items, and hit enter to go to the specific page. The blue focus box is “magnified to aid low-vision users,” Google says, and that “if you are using a screenreader ... you will hear the relevant information spoken automatically as you navigate.” Google notes that you’ll need Firefox 3 to use all of these experiment’s features.

In other Labs news, Google recently added a new section to their Google Apps suite marketplace. Program parts of the Google Apps Labs are Google Moderator, Google Code Reviews, and Google Short Links.

[Hat tip to Hebbet for the Google Apps Labs news.]


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