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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

YouTube Problem With "Video No Longer Available"?

Computer technician Patrick Camilleri emailed in this:

Youtube for a few months now has been showing me a “We’re Sorry, This video is no longer available” on every video I go on. Sometimes it does it, sometimes not. The sad part is this, that this problem is not a one-off problem, but I searched online and this error still comes up to thousands of people from all around the world. There are countless blogs, forums, websites that address this issue and try to give their solutions which sometimes work and sometimes they don’t. What I have realized is that most of the people posting about this error, live outside the United States (like me) so maybe this problem effects only foreign countries.

I also informed Google several times using forums,blogs, email and Chrome’s bug reporting tool.

Patrick adds, “I tried all the solutions that other bloggers where giving. I do not have Google Web Accelarator (or any other accelarator), tried reinstalling flash, tried using IE6, IE7, Firefox 2 and 3, Chrome, Opera, tried refreshing the same video 20 times (some said it worked). Tried different PC’s and OSs.Changed security settings, network settings, firewall settings, etc.” He explains that this is is seemingly completely random: “Sometimes I even get it on wednesday morning and 2 hours later i don’t, only for it to return in the evening, for example.”

[Thanks Patrick!]


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