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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Examples of YouTube Ads

Admittedly, I was just watching odd random videos, so perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised that the ads YouTube inserts into these videos as of lately often seemed equally odd and random. The ads are also rather obtrusive for a Google-owned product, but I guess you get what you paid for, and YouTube video hosting and watching is free. Here’s some of them (this selection is not necessarily representative):

Watchers of Planet Unicorn: Find the “real truth” and the “only possibility that the earth was designed” ...

... and while you’re at it, find “Singles to cheat on your partner” (the German word “Seitensprung” literally translates to “side jump”, and means cheating on the spouse or partner).

An example of a relevant, well-targeted ad (for this video) ...

... and a more irrelevant one.

An image ad for Xperia.

The return of the mostly useless we-sell-everything eBay ads ... this time in videos (see the bottom link ad in German, which is titled “Youtube” and promises a “huge selection for lowest prices” on

On a side-note, I was not signed into YouTube when watching these. If I would have been signed in, would I’ve seen personalized ads? According to information I got from a Google/ YouTube spokesperson, InVideo ads may be targeted to things like:

On a related note, Ron of TotLol sent in this AdWords-like, yellow-background YouTube search results ad he was seeing in a search for obama:

[Hat tip to Moustafa ZA, who has more in the comments.]


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