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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Yaoti: Embed People Talking to Your Visitors

Yaoti lets you select a person to include in your website with prepared greetings. You just browse to one of the many recordings and then copy & paste the code into your page. I think that would make a very annoying feature in most cases, but the site made me laugh anyway... with its free, badly-acted and general-usage greetings like “Welcome! Use the navigation bar on the left side to click on all our topics. Have a lot of fun!”, or “Welcome! On this platform you’ll find information about our work. We’ll focus on your needs and requests,” or a bikini-wearing travel site woman inviting you, in German*, to spend “unforgettable days in Rome.”

*Clear your Yaoti cookies after switching a language, otherwise your last selection may override the setting due to what looks like some Yaoti bug.


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