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Monday, November 10, 2008

New: CaptionX

My friend Niko and I discussed a couple of game ideas some months back, and as a result, CaptionX goes live today. What happens? You sit together in a room with 3 other people, get presented with a photo, and each of you tries to come up with the funniest caption. The winner is decided by a vote amongst you. Hope you enjoy, and please forgive early quirks if you come across them, and please post feedback in the comments!

Many thanks go to Ludwik, Jason, Flevour, Pascal, Haochi and everyone else who helped testing!

For the back-end for this, we’re using the Google App Engine with Python. This way, you can log-in to the site using your Google Account, as we hope this spares having to register yet another website account. The photos are mostly from Flickr, with Creative Commons licenses. To improve waiting times, we’ve collected a bunch of extra short videos via the YouTube API.


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