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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Gmail Video Chat

Google say they’re currently rolling out a video chat option to Gmail. I can’t see it yet, but according to Google, once it’s rolled out and you installed the Windows plug-in (and restarted your browser), you’ll see a “Video & more” -> “Start video chat” option at the bottom of your Gmail chat box. Contacts of yours who also installed this plug-in are supposed to show with a camera icon next to their name in the chat list. Once you contact a person, they’ll hear it ringing and can accept the video chat, and you can then see & hear them via the webcam.

[Hat tip to Bradley Horowitz at Friendfeed and Hebbet! Image from Google’s video.]

Update: Some of you got this to run on a Mac too, even though when I visited the plug-in page it said “System requirements: Windows XP or later”. (Trying with a Mac myself via I get a not-supported message. Google’s post speaks of “both PCs and Macs”.) [Thanks Hebbet and Ludwik!]


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