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Monday, November 17, 2008

Google’s Stuart Smith On Understanding Audiences vs "Just a Load of Engineers Producing a Load of Things"

Simon Canning of The Australian IT today writes (my emphasis):

Stuart Smith, a former planning director at advertising agency Wieden and Kennedy in London who worked on brands such as Nike and Honda, joined Google’s recently formed advertising division two months ago and is now working on ideas to expand the brand.

Smith (...) says Google remains driven by engineers but there has to be a shift in the development process, which will be led by the Creative Labs group.

“What typically happens is it is just a load of engineers producing a load of things and then refining until it finds an audience,” Smith says. “What they have never really done is to look at audiences and understand audiences and say ’perhaps there is a need over here – let’s meet that need’.

“Now I think they have seen an opportunity to come at it from an audience perspective and that is part of what any planners’ job is – to understand audiences.”

[Via Search Engine Land.]


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