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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Get Quick Feedback For Your Website

Feedback Army is an incredibly useful little website where you pay $7 for feedback to a given website of yours, and then get back 10 comments. Feedback Army uses Amazon’s Mechanical Turk in the background. You enter the domain in question, say “”, and then ask a bunch of question. Questions could be, “What do you find confusing about the site? What did you stumble over at first? What did you like about the site?” Then very quickly, feedback – which you can RSS-subscribe to – comes in. (Note the feedback is public for others to see, if they know the URL you are requesting feedback for.)

If you want to see examples of what kind of feedback may be given, you can enter, or into the service.

I asked creator Raphael Mudge some questions about his site, and here’s his response from yesterday (edited to include the links):

Feedback Army didn’t exist 12 days ago. I saw a forum post on last week where someone asked if a service like Feedback Army existed or not.

I’ve always wanted to play with Mechanical Turk so I decided to attack the problem. I figured I could add value over using mechanical turk directly by making the process as frictionless as possible. I started soliciting the mechanical turk community for feedback on Feedback Army itself. I was really impressed with the attention to detail they showed me and so I felt I had something worthwhile. (...)

About me? I’m a graduate student in computer science at Syracuse University. Feedback Army is written in the Sleep scripting language.

[Via Andy Baio!]


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