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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Google Book Search Adds Magazines

Google announced that Google Book Search now also includes scans from magazines such as Ebony, New York Magazine, Men’s Health, Popular Science and Popular Mechanics*. Try this sample search, and you can view the pages of an issue of Ebony from 1973, including the now vintage-interest ads of the days.

If you want to restrict your Google Book search to just magazines, you can do so via the advanced search page.

Google says, “Over time, as we scan more articles, you’ll see more and more magazines appear in Google Book Search results. Eventually, we’ll also begin blending magazine results into our main search results, so you may begin finding magazines you didn’t even know you were looking for.”

A while ago, Google also started incorporating newspaper scans as part of Google News, using the interface known from Google Books.

[Thanks Moustafa ZA!]

*I’m not sure if there were really no magazines at all in Google Book search before, though that’s how I understand Google’s announcement.


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