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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Google Chrome Out Of Beta

Google just took their browser Chrome out of Beta. Google say they did so because their “goals for stability and performance have been met” (while disclaiming their “work is far from done”). But is that the real reason? Steve Gillmor at Techcrunch proposes another potential way to look at it; “Google’s open source browser has a number of eager customers, including OEMs [original equipment manufacturers] who can’t offer the browser until it is in full release.” Yesterday when Google’s plans started surfacing, Ionut Alex. Chitu commented, “Out of beta? That’s a joke, right? Maybe ’out of alpha’ is a more appropriate description.”

Google was and continues to be eager to get Chrome out to many people, Beta or not. They advertise for it using AdSense, they show special links on YouTube pages, and last not least, they promoted Chrome on their homepage.

[Thanks Hebbet, Tony, Ionut and Juha-Matti Laurio!]


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