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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

PageMap Meta Data for Advanced Google Snippets

Search Engine Land writes about a Google experiment which shows advanced snippets – including such things as the average rating and the number of ratings for a review page – made possible by a commented XML-style portion within the HTML. The following structured data (slightly reformatted here) is from the page show in the screenshot:


    <DataObject type="item">
        <Attribute name="name">Hide Sushi</Attribute>
        <Attribute name="category">Japanese, Sushi, Restaurant</Attribute>
        <Attribute name="pricerange">$$</Attribute>
    <DataObject type="review">
        <Attribute name="summary">No fuss, just fish at ...</Attribute>
        <Attribute name="ratingstars">4.5/5</Attribute>
        <Attribute name="ratingcount">55</Attribute>
        <Attribute name="reviewdate">11/26/2008</Attribute>


Danny Sullivan comments, "Should you go out and start marking up your pages now? I wouldn’t bother. Right now, enhanced listings at Google only work for the sites in the test program ... In addition, the syntax might change".

[Via Google OS. Screenshot courtesy of SEL.]


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