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Thursday, January 29, 2009

How to Get Chrome’s "New Tab" Page in Firefox

If you like Google Chrome’s “New Tab” page, which offers an overview of pages you often visit, but you don’t like to use Chrome... you can use the Google Toolbar 5 for Firefox. When you open a new tab after installing the toolbar, it will open the Chrome-style verview page as shown.*

A word of caution though: the last times I tried to use the Google Toolbar 5, the PageRank indicator worked only flaky, and there were sometimes lags during browsing which I hadn’t experienced without the toolbar (I always ended up uninstalling it for those reasons).

[Thanks Hebbet!]

*Reversely, I’d like to know how to fully disable the New Tab in Chrome. Disabling the two options settings I find still shows it when pressing Ctrl+N.


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