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Monday, February 16, 2009

New: 250,000 Shareable Sketches

Today Niko, Dominik and I are releasing The site features over 250,000 sketches which you can share (e.g. by copying or embedding) using a Creative Commons license. This license includes commercial sharing, so you could even, say, create a book out of sketches (with a maximum of 1000 images), or remix the drawings to create new stuff, and so on.

Technically, the work of the site is roughly split into the three areas of Flash (Dominik Schmid), Amazon EC2/S3 scaling preparation (Nikolai Kordulla), and PHP/concept (that's me). Where do all the sketches come from? The answer is Sketch Swap, which Dominik and I created 3 years ago. At Sketch Swap, the idea is simple – you draw a sketch, hit the Swap button, and get a sketch back. Over the years, the site received so many often really, really cool sketches that we felt we had to do something with them outside the one-by-one swapping. We hope you enjoy the result and look for your feedback! We also hope you can help with tagging, because right now many images aren't tagged yet so they won't be found with the search engine.

On that note, thanks to everyone who created drawings at Sketch Swap so far, and thanks to for helping with early tagging.

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