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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Guess the Year of the Google Quote

When this blog started, Google didn't have a single blog, but they did have press releases. Can you guess the year of the quotes from past Google press releases?

“Google's homepage doodles reflect Google's unusual corporate culture, where nothing is taken seriously except for search.” (spoil)

“Larry and Sergey's company has the power to turn Internet users everywhere into devoted and life-long Googlers." –Michael Moritz (spoil)

“In addition to the still video captures from the more than 20 TV stations we've indexed, we've made the free, user-submitted content from our recently announced 'Video Upload' program available to the world for playback.” (spoil)

“Today, Google announced a strategic initiative we refer to as 'fusion.' ... Google users have told us they'd like a way to view more of the information they want in a single place. The personalized homepage is the first of a number of approaches we're exploring to make personalized information more accessible and useful.” (spoil)

“Google, RealNames Partner to Deliver Expanded Search Options ... RealNames Internet Keywords are intuitive, familiar names that take the user directly to the relevant web page associated with the Internet Keyword. To use Internet Keywords in Google, users simply type a company, product or brand name into the search box on Google's homepage; if an Internet Keyword is available it will appear at the top of the search results list." (spoil)

“Eric is exactly the right leader for Google" –Sergey Brin (spoil)

“The new Google Browser Buttons, available at, give users easy one-click access to Google search and related links capabilities.” (spoil)

“We plan to aggressively grow the company and the technology so we can continue to provide the best search experience on the web." –Larry Page as then-CEO (spoil)

“Google Inc. today announced that it has received two Search Engine Watch Awards in the categories of Outstanding Search Service and Most Webmaster Friendly Search Engine ... 'Google undoubtedly deserves to win as outstanding search service,' said [Danny] Sullivan. 'I consistently receive positive feedback from my readers and members of the public who are impressed with the relevancy and accuracy of Google's results ...'” (spoil)

“Google Inc. announced today that it has filed a registration statement with the Securities and Exchange Commission for a proposed initial public offering of its Class A common stock.” (spoil)

“Available now, users of WAP mobile telephones and Palm handhelds connected to a wireless modem can now search the web using Google” (spoil)

“Martha Stewart Living is one of the most recognized brands in the world" –Larry Page (spoil)

“Google's new index, comprising more than 1 billion URLs, offers users the web's most comprehensive collection of websites” (spoil)

“With the launch of the new Google site and the introduction of GoogleScout, Google completes a successful and widely publicized beta test, which is based on more than three years of advanced research at Stanford University's Computer Science Department.” (spoil)

“Google Inc. ... today announced the immediate availability of AdWords(TM), a new program that enables any advertiser to purchase individualized and affordable keyword advertising that appears instantly on the search results page.” (spoil)

“Our work with libraries further enhances the existing Google Print program, which enables users to find matches within the full text of books, while publishers and authors monetize that information" –Larry Page (spoil)

“PageRank is computed by solving an equation of 500 million variables and two billion terms. Google's innovative user interface includes dynamic summaries, a cached web, and the time-saving "I'm feeling lucky" button.” (spoil)

“GNS [Google Number Search] dramatically simplifies the process of entering search queries into a WAP phone. With conventional WAP input, a user must push number keys multiple times to choose which of the multiple letters a key represents. For example, a user must push 666 for the letter O. With GNS, a user need only push a number key once to choose a particular letter. Google determines the possible queries and presents the user with the most relevant web pages.” (spoil)

“Google Inc. today announced it acquired Picasa, Inc., a Pasadena, Calif.-based digital photo management company.” (spoil)

“Google Inc. today announced that it has acquired's Usenet Discussion Service.” (spoil)

“Recognizing that almost half its website traffic consistently comes from non-U.S. Internet users, Google has embarked on an aggressive mission to bring more localized versions of its search engine to Google users all over the world. Users can now visit the Google website and beta test new technology for searching in 10 foreign languages, including French, German, Italian, Swedish, Finnish, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Norwegian and Danish.” (spoil)

“Google Acquires Applied Semantics ... A key application of the CIRCA technology is Applied Semantics' AdSense product that enables web publishers to understand the key themes on web pages to deliver highly relevant and targeted advertisements.” (spoil)

“Google is the most popular online search engine and MapQuest is the most popular mapping site and travel site on the Web. In joining together, we are offering users the very best in online tools, relevant information and convenience" –Tommy McGloin, Senior Vice President of MapQuest (spoil)

“Yahoo! Inc. ... and Google Inc. today announced they have entered into an agreement that makes Google, one of the fastest growing search engines on the Web, Yahoo!'s ... default search results provider.” (spoil)

“Google's sponsored links service will complement Ask Jeeves' own suite of advertising products” (spoil)

“She kvetched about spending all her time filing messages or trying to find them ... And when she's not doing that, she has to delete email like crazy to stay under the obligatory four megabyte limit. So she asked, 'Can't you people fix this?'" –Larry Page (spoil)

“The Google directory, which is available immediately at, significantly expands access to information on the Internet by augmenting Google's standard web search results with hand-selected directory listings from Netscape's Open Directory Project.” (spoil)

“Dilbert has had a large influence on Google's management style ... I am planning to adopt a pointy hairdo." –Sergey Brin (spoil)


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