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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Google Noticeboard Add-On

Google India Labs have a new tool called Google Noticeboard. It’s a Firefox add-on can be used to create a message – including a voice recording and some text – which you can then send to other members (even if the other party doesn’t have Noticeboard installed, they can hear what the audio as OGG email attachment). “[T]he Noticeboard application enables community members to exchange information over the Internet without an intermediary,” the service homepage disclaims. It also says “Since messages can be voice based, even literacy is not a pre-requisite.”

When I tried this tool it was buggy... there were oddly formatted error messages popping up frequently, and the whole Firefox browser interface was “redesigned” in certain details (for instance, the scroll bar wasn’t fully to the right anymore, making it impossible to move the cursor to the right edge of the window to scroll). Installation of the add-on was also odd, as it wouldn’t install on-click, but required me to download the add-on file and then launch it locally... not sure who or what caused this.

[Via Ionut.]


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