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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Google’s JavaScript/ Chrome Experiments Showcase

Google at released a showcase site for JavaScript experiments especially aimed as promotion to demonstrate their own Chrome browser’s capabilities, but with many experiments working in other browsers like Firefox too. For instance, there’s a demo of the Google homepage falling downways. The whole “works best in Chrome” warning approach the site uses is a bit uncool... quote from when you open an experiment (parts of the message seem to randomly vary):

“We recommend you launch this experiment in Google Chrome. It may run slower, or not at all, in other browsers.”
[Okay, I’ll download Google Chrome]
[I’m willing to risk it]

For one thing, many experiments work perfectly fine in, say, Firefox – no “risk” at all – and also, this reminds me of years ago when those type of warning messages were used to push users to IExplorer, Netscape 4, and what-not. On the upside, maybe demos like these can act as good benchmarks which push other browser makers to improve the speed of their own JavaScript engines, and Chrome does run faster on certain stuff indeed. In any case, the site could become a fun directory to start exploring interesting experiments; right now, there’s only 19 experiments all in all, but you can submit your own.

[Thanks Luka!]


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