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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

German State Advertises With Google Page Count

The state of Baden-Württemberg in Germany (where I currently live) posted a full-page ad in the newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine depicting two Google search boxes. The first Google box reads "innovation from germany", and the second one reads "innovation from baden-württemberg" ("innovation aus deutschland" and "innovation aus baden-württemberg" in the German original). The first search query is shown to have found only 918 results whereas the second retrieves 7,960 pages.

The ad is probably meant humorous, as the difference in page counts could be an indicator of many unrelated things. The page closes with the motto, “Baden-Württemberg - We can do everything. Except speak in standard German.” (The Swabian accent is distinguishable from what “foreigners” like me speak.)

Now please, if you run a blog or other website, print the words "innovation aus zapfendorf" onto your page. Perhaps we can boost this cozy 5000 inhabitants town in Bavaria on top of the charts. There’s 0 results for the query right now but I’m sure the Zapfendorfers are more innovative than that.

[Thanks Stefan! Image by Stefan.]


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