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Monday, May 11, 2009

A Second Google Chrome Comic Book

A second Google Chrome comic book has popped up*. You may remember the first comic of this kind was drawn by Scott McCloud to introduce Google’s browser last year. Takoratta in the forum comments, “It is the Episode 2 of Google Chrome Comic (Japanese) and explains how it is improved to render Non English characters and the motivation/background of Navigational Suggest. These features were developed by Japanese engineers, so this comic introduces Japanese engineers.”

Google also recently started to advertise Google Chrome in short video clips. Some of the commercials are fun while others could be for any other browser too, not going into details of why Chrome should be superior to e.g. Firefox. In Google’s early years, commercials or other forms of advertising were more rare, but Chrome is one of their most pushed products these days.

If you spot more pics of this Japanese comic, please add a comment!

[Photo by Makoto. Thanks Hebbet and Takoratta!]

*It looks authentic but I asked Google just in case, and might add an update should they provide further background. I’m also not sure how new exactly this comic book is.


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