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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Google Toolbelt Tells Which Of Your Pages Were Recently Indexed or Linked

Google’s new “show options” feature*, rolled out for everyone this week, lets you restrict results to just pages from the past 24 hours. You can use this feature in combination with Google’s “site” and “link” operators, too. Here’s how:

*It’s codenamed “toolbelt” at Google, I’m told.

Update: Michael VanDeMar comments:

The link: command is treated as a text based search, not a special operator, when combined with the date based parameters. It has always been like this.

In many cases mentions of a domain name, especially those that are not keyword based, will also happen to have links to that domain, but that doesn’t make it a link: search, just a mention one.

[Thanks Michael!]


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