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Thursday, May 21, 2009

YouTube vs Porn Day

According to CNet, Google-owned YouTube “was busy deleting porn videos on Wednesday after users of forums at a rival site and an imageboard site declared a ’Porn Day’ campaign against the popular video service.” The sites in question are said to be Ebaum’s World [perhaps not: see update] and 4Chan, and Ars Technica says some of the tags used to upload the videos are “marblecake” and “jonas brothers”. CNet writes:

As one might expect, the pornographic clips are being uploaded without any indication that they’re for adult eyes only, making them easy to happen upon by casual searchers. As the upload-fest has progressed, users are also uploading what seems to be legitimate content, but is in fact a porn video that simply has 20-30 seconds of non-porn content (a newscast, an interview) at the beginning.

Searching YouTube for the tags in question, you’ll notice a couple of NSFW thumbs, and a lot of messages reading “This video has been removed due to terms of use violation” and “This account is suspended.”

[Via Reddit.]

Update: Ebaum’s World might not have been part of this at all... see the comments for more, there’s indicators here that they’re merely being wrongly blamed by 4chan.


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