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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Android 1.5 Being Rolled Out

Ron of sent in below three images and writes:

Early this morning Google installed over the network the new version of the Android operating system on T-Mobile phones in the US.

Notable changed spotted early on:

  • Amazon MP3 app pre-installed.
  • a unified"search/url” bar for the browser called “Go” that defaults to Google search.
  • a nice way to display embeded YouTube videos that makes them clicakble.
  • a lot of eye-candy

Dpic in the forum also has the new release – codenamed Cupcake – and comments that it doesn’t “exceed” his expectations but “definitely meets them”. DPic says, “This basically brings android up to the standards i had originally expected. Everything seems more polished and solid.”

[Thanks Ron and DPic!]


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