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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

All Your Base Dialogue, As Translated by Google

Andy Baio recently pointed to the Wikipedia page which contains an actual proper translation into English of the old "all your base" dialogue from the game Zero Wing. The following is a translation based on the Japanese original also available in that wiki entry, courtesy of the Google Translator:

The war has just begun.
Captain: I do say that one!
Engineer: someone who is so bomb.
Operator: captain! Communication got!
Captain: take nothing!
Operator: the vision comes to the main screen.
Captain: Wow you are! !
CATS: You look to the past, gentlemen.
CATS: the cooperation of the federal government,
      you are our base, all you CATS.
CATS: We also ship you will end soon.
Captain: it fit my gosh!
CATS: You have to help us appreciate.
CATS:残RI少NAI life at best, catering to it.
Operator: captain.
Captain: ZIG-marching orders to all! !
Captain: They have to leave now.
Captain: We hope for the future of
Captain: I beg. ZIG! !


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