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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Picasa With Creative Commons Search

Clicking “Show options” in the upper left expands settings like sizes, aspect ratios, or licensing.

Google’s photo album service, Picasa Web Albums, now allows you to show options during your search. As Ionut noticed, as part of these options you can tick the “Creative Commons” link, which will only return shareable pics.

The amount of images is not all too bad either, at least for some queries: a CC-only search for the keyword google shows 276,529 pics, according to Picasa. A search for obama returns 43,510 pics right now. For comparison, the same CC-only obama search yields 127,858 results on Flickr. (Naturally, someone claiming that a pic is CC-licensed does not necessarily make it so, as the original person may not have the copyright to begin with.)

[Via Ionut!]


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