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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Google Removes Triforce From Logos

As it fits a good conspiracy, Google now removed the triforce from the logo doodles (I did not check for every logo, but it’s gone for at least the two which I did check). I wonder why?

For instance, here’s the old Tesla logo, and the new one:


The triforce can be seen to the right of the “l”, near the bottom. (See Search Engine Roundtable’s July 10 post, they made a copy of the logo.)


And now it’s gone. (See Google’s live version of the logo, and hit refresh if you got the old version cached.)


The triforce is also gone from Susie Sahim’s showcase of the logos – she was suspected to be behind this (I don’t know for sure), and can be seen posing dressed as Link from the game Zelda in different photos*. (At least she says it’s her. Susannah was not available for other comments, and the only thing Google told me in regards to the logos was “Users can infer any one Link or another in our doodles.”)

Please comment in the existing thread.

[Thanks Hebbet!]


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