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Monday, July 20, 2009

YouTube 3D Videos

YouTube now allows uploading of 3D videos, like the one uploaded by BlackShark as pictured above. To trigger the 3D selection menu, you need to use tags like yt3d:enable=true and yt3d:aspect=3:4, as explained by creator Pete in the support forum. Also, I asked BlackShark what format to upload, and BlackShark explains:

You need to upload your left and right views stacked together horizontally in the same video frame.
I am not sure about the inner workings of the youtube re-encoding process so i do not know if it is better to upload il full resolution or to squash the videos in a standard frame. But both work thanks to the aspect tag. You can stack the videos either in L|R pattern (parallel) or in R|L pattern (crosseyed).
According to what Pete said : the standard pattern should be R|L, but you can perfectly use L|R if you want, you just need to add the swap tag.
You can also use over/under (vertical stacking) patterns using the left and right tags (i made a test and it works) but since this is still beta, the tags are subject to change.

Once the video is uploaded you can change the tags at any moment, all the 3d conversion is performed on the fly when playing the video, just like in other stereoscopic player software.

[Hat tip to Blackshark, Ionut at Friendfeed & WebSonicSERoundTable!]


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