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Monday, August 3, 2009

Google Apps Ad Campaign. For a Fresher, Less Irritating Office Suite.

See, Google can do lame ad slogans too! Have you gone Google yet?

CNet writes: “Commuters in New York, Boston, Chicago, and San Francisco will be greeted by a progressive series of ads for Google Apps starting Monday and running for a month. The idea is to catch IT managers stuck in horrific traffic spots like New York’s West Side Highway or San Francisco’s U.S. 101 and press them on the benefits of switching to Google Apps with a different ad for each day of the week.”

Google at a site of theirs offers lots of stuff so you can advertise for them using Twitter and Digg, grab ad goodies, print out “(internal) marketing” PDFs for the office, and where you can, quote, “Join the conversation”. Google even gives you a ready-made email template for your... uhm, conversation (“I’ve been using Google Apps ... at home for a while ... a very affordable cost ... I think our company could really benefit” etc.) – you just need to forward it.

[More at Google. Image via CNet. Thanks George and Juha-Matti!]


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