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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Google Acquiring Video Compression Company On2

Google announced that they’re aquiring On2. “[W]e think that video compression technology should be a part of the web platform,” Google says, “To that end, we’re happy to announce today that we’ve signed a deal to acquire On2 Technologies, a leading creator of high-quality video compression technology ... The deal is still subject to approval by On2 Technologies’ stockholders and review by relevant regulatory authorities, including the SEC”.

On2’s website says “our proprietary On2 Video compression technology is installed on over two billion computer desktops and devices worldwide. On2 Video is the format of choice of media industry leading solutions including Adobe® Flash® Player, Skype™ video conferencing, Sun JavaFX, and Move Networks’ ground-breaking high-quality Internet television service.”

[Thanks James!]


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