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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Google Chrome Themes Gallery Live

Google Chrome’s Themes gallery – which was spotted before in screenshots – is now live. You should see a notice on top with a download link if you’re not on Chrome 3, though even after installing from the link provided, many themes resulted in errors for me.* After installing the latest developer release however, it worked. Update: I wasn’t able to start Chrome anymore now... it kept crashing for me on start-up. Might be something with the developer release and perhaps a theme causing this. Trying to go back to the Beta channel didn’t fix this, so I had to completely uninstall Chrome and re-install it.

Listed on the page at the moment are the following 29 themes: Classic, Baseball, Brushed, Candy, Color Chips, Cork Board, Desktop, Dots, Earthy, Floral Blue, Folders, Glossy Blue, Glow, Gradient, Grass, Greyscale, Horizontal Stripe, Late Night, Legal Pad, Marble, Minimal, Pencil Sketch, Quilt, Star Gazing, Stitches, Topography, Transparent, Vertical Stripe, and Zen Spring.

Right now, some of the themes will cause design problems. Switching to “Glow" for instance will hide the text of certain messages or menus of the “New Tab” page, as shown in the bottom screenshot.

Default theme

Brushed theme

Glow theme

[Thanks Alexandro!]

*I was first asked to save the CRX files locally, and then popups like “Could not install extension ... Invalid value for theme colors - colors must be integers” appeared for many themes.


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