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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Write Anything On This (Multi-User) Wall

Luka put up a wall where you can add any text you like. It will appear for others in real-time. (This is part of, a Google App Engine based site where you can create your own walls by adding a page name after the slash.) [Thanks Luka!]

Update: The site now reads: “Hi everyone. I’m sorry to say that Google App Engine cut off this site for mysterious reasons. I’ll bring it back up by tomorrow, with all the same data, on a different platform.” [Thanks Drtimofey!]

Update 2: And it’s back. Creator Andrew tells me he’s paying for quota, but that he was cut off for running over a quota aspect he didn’t find much information about. I also asked Andrew how long he took to develop this. He replies, “I’d say I’ve put in 40 hours or so... it’s really hard to say. I started it about a month but didn’t really work hard until about a week ago.”


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