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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Anil Dash On Google Wave; Is the Wave Framework Too Complicated to Be Adopted?

Anil Dash gives a rundown of the type of technology approaches he thinks have a chance to become popular on the web. Anil believes that the Google Wave framework of technologies may be too complicated to be adopted by many. “I hope that Wave succeeds, because I love to see ambition and innovation rewarded. But I think it’s mostly likely that Wave’s success will be in inspiring people to create similarly compelling experiences by adding incremental enhancements to their existing sites,” he says.

Ray Cromwell counters, “If you’re going to do something as ambitious as invent a new, efficient, real-time, federated, secure communications protocol, then it is going to be complex and not some quick hack. Thus, the need for open source. Lots of stuff that is really worthwhile doing takes time.” And DeWitt Clinton comments, “One of my big fears in joining Google long after they had already become a success was that I’d find a mature company that was unwilling to do big audacious things and risk failing at them. With products like Wave I’m so pleased to find that those fears were unfounded. The company is still quite nuts sometimes.”


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