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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Understanding Google Wave...

There’s now a website mocking Google Wave’s issues, called Easier To Understand Than Wave [background sound alert] (a site made by a Facebook employee, as Techcrunch reports). Ex Microsoft guy Robert Scoble also criticized Wave recently, calling it a “productivity sink” if you’re trying to communicate.

Last time I checked Wave it was this room packed of people who were all told they had to be in that room, but nobody told them why, and so everyone tried to make up something on the spot, but the one who started singing heard a hush from the one who started reading a book, and the one reading a book was complaining about the missing chair, and the guy next to him said that luckily there are no chairs here because his friends and he wanted to do a bit of recreational running around and ... well, the type of room where for some reason you just might breathe a sigh of relieve when you close the door to it and leave, figuring you might come back in a bit just to see if people already figured out what to properly do in it (maybe there will be group singing in previously unimagined beauty). Let’s see if this technologically very interesting app was socially misdesigned or is just a bit ahead of us... in either case, I’m happy for all the thoughts on these issues that I find it inspires.



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