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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Google Results Show a Page’s Place Within the Site Hierarchy

Some websites have a hierarchical navigation path; for instance, the eBay URL is put in Home > Buy > Collectibles > Comics > Search results. Now, Google sometimes helps searchers by displaying such navigation hierarchy info in the green place that used to carry the page URL. The site’s domain is still shown, so above eBay example turns into the following Google line: > Buy > Collectibles

...and you can also click on the parts like “Collectibles” to be taken straight to that section.*

Note this doesn’t work for any URL or site. Also, sometimes intermediate hierarchical positions will be collapsed using a “...” to save space.

*If you can’t see these “breadcrumbs” yet, this may still be rolled out for you.

[Thanks Hebbet via the Google blog, and Jim!]


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