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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Which Apps Do You Think Are Missing On Chrome OS?

A big target group of Chrome OS may be casual users – e.g. it seems to fit perfectly as operating system on the computers of an internet cafe (not the worst thing for Google, as that’s a place where many young people in many countries may use the internet most of the time). But what if you’re a creator working with your OS to develop software, retouch images, model 3D sceneries, compose songs, or cut videos? What about playing 3D games? The cloud already offers many apps like calendars, photo and video storage, spreadsheets, text editing and so on. But what are some of the more power hungry apps for which you haven’t yet found a good replacement in a web-based app? If you’d want to switch to Google Chrome OS in a year, what pieces of the puzzle are still missing for you?

On a related note, below is a demo video of Google Chrome OS. [Via Waxy]


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