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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Google Adds Disclaimer Ad to Results for [Michelle Obama]

Searching Google Images for michelle obama currently results in a (Blogspot-hosted) racist image in the number one position. Google decided to buy* a disclaimer ad for this page reading:

Offensive Search Results
Sometimes our search results can be offensive. We agree. Read more.

In 2004, Google did a similar disclaiming ad for the search query jew, which had triggered a hate site. In 2006, they also put up an ad when entering failure led to George Bush’s biography.

On a related note, Google’s CEO was an endorser and adviser to Obama, and Google also promoted and worked on apps with the Obama administration (I’m listing this because it’s related to Google + Obama and not to imply a necessary cause-and-effect relationship – as mentioned Google had disclaimers like these before for other queries).

*Well, they’re paying to their own pocket, though they’re also covering the costs of pushing third-party ads to the less-revenue-generating side.



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