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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Trying Out Google Analytics Alerts

I noticed that the “Intelligence” section was rolled out for my Google Analytics account. I’m tracking various domains’ traffic with the Analytics snippet, and often you might miss when there’s a traffic peak at any particular domain. The Intelligce “Daily Alerts” feature comes in incredibly handy, as it can send you emails whenever something peaks.

To set this up, click on Google Analytics -> your site -> Intelligence -> Daily Alerts -> Create a Custom Alert. You can define which profiles the alert should cover, so it’s (luckily) nothing you need to monotonously repeat for every profile. Then you check the “Email me ...” box. I’ve fine-tuned my alert by picking % New Visits -> Is greater than -> 25%. A while later, I received a first alert, which directly linked to Google Analytics, letting me know of a peak with

Following the email link you’ll not only see a traffic chart, but also potential reasons for the peak, like backlinking sites which send a lot of visitors that day, or visitor regions which saw particular increases.


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