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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Google’s Bigger Image Thumbs

Now when Google web search decides it’s images you’re looking for, they’re showing an even bigger preview picture in their “universal results” than before. You can try it with queries like pictures of madonna.

Interestingly enough, even though the image is getting bigger – which probably means it’s getting darker on the fair-use-or-not gradient – the source site is not directly printed on the results page (you can hover over the image, or click on it, to see the source). In the case of the Madonna query, the preview image is 177 x 196 pixels large. Wonder if larger images will increase click-through rates for site owners (the bigger the image, the more visible and clickable?), or decrease them (the bigger the resolution Google already shows, the lower the incentive to click through to the original site?).

[Thanks DPic! Image by Google. Also see Google’s post on this.]


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