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Friday, December 25, 2009

On the US Gov’t "Going Google"

Sherri quotes from a Google ad which reads:

“Over 60% of the U.S. state governments have gone Google.”

Yes, Google told Sherri, this refers to the cloud: “Google hosts the data in our data centers, relieving the customer or gov agency of the burden of managing their own servers in house.”

Sherri asks: “Does this mean that we’ve now handed the majority of our state governments’ operational data to a single privately-controlled company which has well-publicized partnerships with other governments such as China?”

She adds: “To me, this is an unacceptable level of control for a single private company to have over federal, state or local government. When you reach a point where the government cannot operate without a private company, then the private company has effectively gained control of the government.”

[Thanks Seth!]


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