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Friday, February 5, 2010

Google People Hopper

Google’s social network site Orkut has a new application that lets you morph one face into another. Called People Hopper, it was broken yesterday but is working now. I’ve created a profile for this purpose (I deleted my real one a while ago) and morphed the first picture, Mr. John Cleese, into Tony Ruscoe below:

The interesting part here is that the intermediate steps themselves are other people from Orkut. Clicking on any face will take you to their profile. Nice here is that Google does some face detection, so you don’t need to work with perfectly cropped portraits. Beyond this, the general area of face search/ portrait comparison/ finding likely-looking faces might have some privacy implications in the future. Will Google Images be able to find your appearance twin in a couple of years – and would we want to be found?

[Thanks and Tony!]


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