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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Google Doesn’t Want to Voluntarily Follow New Australian Censorship Rules for YouTube

The Age writes:

Google says it will not “voluntarily” comply with the government’s request [in Australia] that it censor YouTube videos in accordance with broad “refused classification” (RC) content rules.

Communications Minister Stephen Conroy referred to Google’s censorship on behalf of the Chinese and Thai governments in making his case for the company to impose censorship locally. (...)

YouTube’s rules already forbid certain videos that would be classified RC, such as sex, violence, bestiality and child pornography. But the RC classification extends further to more controversial content such as information on euthanasia, material about safer drug use and material on how to commit more minor crimes such as painting graffiti.

Google is quoted saying that “exposing these topics to public debate was vital for democracy.”

[Via Reddit.]


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