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Monday, February 15, 2010

The Google Image Search China Homepage, and More

Above you can see a screenshot of the Google Image Search homepage for China, less minimalist than its .com counterpart. The content, like the thumbnails, changes throughout the day. A translation of the page shows that it collects top photos, top searches, and fastest rising search queries (perhaps among other things, I’m not sure what all the sources are). Some of the thumbnails are bordering on NSFW which might suggest they’re not individually manually approved.

In the meantime, over a month passed since Google said they’re either delivering uncensored search results or shutting down, but is still showing censored results. Asking Google about this I got something to the effect of no comment, please see the old blog post. Mashable this week wrote, «Google co-founder Sergey Brin said in a Q&A at the TED conference in California that he and Google “want to work within the Chinese system” to bring uncensored results to the Chinese people. Though he’s not expecting immediate success, he said “maybe in a year or two.”»

[Thanks Mbegin!]


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