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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Topeka, Kansas Is Now Google, Kansas
By Roger Browne

Bill Bunten, the Mayor of Topeka (the capital city of Kansas, USA) has signed a proclamation declaring that during March the city will be known as Google, Kansas.

This is being spun by the press as a name change, but that’s not the case. The city’s official name remains Topeka, even though during March it will be (also) known as Google.

The wording of the proclamation is interesting. It starts by asserting that Google “is a corporation who maintains a small company feel”, then lists ten core principles of Google’s philosophy. (Somehow, the list still includes “It’s best to do one thing really well”.)

Then we get to the purpose of the proclamation. The City, and it’s 11,000-strong “Think Big Topeka” organization, are begging Google to bring its Fiber for Communities pilot project to Topeka.

It’s just a publicity stunt, and I wonder whether Google will bite.

By the way, Kansas is the Center of the World According to Google

[Thanks Juha-Matti!]


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