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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Google Spreadsheets Now Working in China

When Google decided to redirect requests to their .cn (Mainland China) domain to .hk (Hong Kong), some people speculated that more of Google would now be blocked. Actually, still works as before, and at least one Google service can be added to the unblocked list now, too (though not necessarily with any causality): I’m now able to access Google Spreadsheets from within China. While other parts of Google Docs worked for me, this one I previously couldn’t access from China either.

To call this a trend would be overreaching – I don’t know what causes blocks like these to appear or disappear, and it’s worth noting that sometimes, it may also be a technology change at Google (say, moving the domain of an inclusion file) that may cause a block to disappear. At the moment, the biggest Google-related blocks still going on where I live – location within China may matter – are YouTube, Blogspot, Picasa Web Albums (with momentary lapses to normalness, if I’m not mistaken), as well as many Google Image results.


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