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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Magic Artist (for the iPhone)

We created an iPhone app called "Magic Artist". What it does is paint a picture based on a snapshot you take (or a photo from your phone's album). You can see brush stroke by brush stroke being painted. Hope you like it, feedback welcome. If you don't have an iPhone, post your photo in the comments and I will run it through the app for you and post a reply!

This project started its life as a JavaScript/ Canvas prototype (I was looking into letting you enter a term, grab an image via Google Images, then draw it), but I was running into a zone where it looked like I would have had to support image uploads or provide some image proxy for the necessary JavaScript rights. The iPhone app, programmed by Mike Dougherty, solves this issue, and the nice thing is that you already have a camera at hand when you have a phone (and that Objective-C as used on the iPhone is fast).


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