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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Google CEO On Anonymity

NetworkWorld collected a couple of interesting quotes by Google boss Eric Schmidt on the subject of privacy and anonymity. He states that privacy is important, but shares some doubts over whether complete anonymity should/ will be granted in the future. Bruce Schneier on the other hand argues:

Here’s the problem: The very companies whose CEOs eulogize privacy make their money by controlling vast amounts of their users’ information. Whether through targeted advertising, cross-selling or simply convincing their users to spend more time on their site and sign up their friends, more information shared in more ways, more publicly means more profits. This means these companies are motivated to continually ratchet down the privacy of their services, while at the same time pronouncing privacy erosions as inevitable and giving users the illusion of control.

The Google CEO talked about much more – including the China issues, the economy, and reasons for acquisitions – in a recent interview with CNBC.


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