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Monday, September 20, 2010

Looxcie, a Camera Recording Everything You See

Looxcie is a ~$200 camera you plug into your ear, which then records everything you see, following your field of vision. Several hours are recorded, with new stuff overwriting the old... and if you saw anything interesting, you click its button and have the last 30 seconds saved and shared on YouTube and other networks. To tune and manage the camera and see the clips you download an app onto an Android phone like Google Nexus.

This looks like a very interesting tool (albeit with a name that could be easier to spell). Often when you get out a camera a) the thing you spotted is already over, or b) people suddenly take on an “official video camera” posture, completely changing what they just did (and babies may just grab for your camera and stop whatever they were doing). Even with Looxcie some people may still ask you what’s that thing in your ear, but as it looks a bit like a mobile phone headset (indeed you can also use it as that) maybe they won’t ask, or adjust their behavior. Well, some may think it looks dorky, but as the saying goes, “no one can make you feel inferior without your permission.”

[Via Andy. Images via Looxcie and Amazon.]


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